Luxury marine beach safari in Mozambique on a tropical island - private package

Azura Benguerra is a scenic 10 minute helicopter flight away from Vilanculos international airport on the Mozambican mainland


Top reasons to choose a luxury marine beach safari on a tropical island in Mozambique

Exclusivity - on a pristine white sandy island beach next to a warm azure blue ocean

Sparsely populated or even uninhabited private tropical islands along the 2500km long coastline of Mozambique offer deserted beaches of pure white sand that extend for miles, swaying palm trees, pristine lagoons, sparkling warm turquoise seas where local dhows ply their trade, sunny days and star studded nights. Limited accommodation caters for the discerning traveler in beautiful and exclusive luxury island beach resorts.

Extensive and untouched coral reefs for superb snorkeling and scuba diving

Hosting a dazzling array of unique marine life, the remarkably unspoiled coral reefs along its coastline make Mozambique one of the finest snorkeling and scuba diving destinations in the world. Crystal clear waters, warm sea temperatures, numerous dive and snorkeling sites, a range of reef depths, varied topography, and an incredible range of coral create an underwater paradise. The reefs attract a variety of game fish while the coral is home to myriads of brightly colored smaller fish. Marine turtles are regularly seen. Manta rays, humpback whales and whale sharks are seasonal visitors. Dolphins are frequently encountered. The lucky few get to marvel at the sight of the shy and almost extinct dugong. 

World class game fishing

Mozambique is a fishing paradise with superb game and reef fishing opportunities. Some of the world's best fishing for marlin, sailfish and tuna among others is on offer. Giant Trevally often top the scales above 25kg. Other warm water game fish include giant king fish, bonito, king mackerel and barracuda. Whilst there are certain prime months that are best for marlin and sailfish, many other species of fish are caught year round. In marine sanctuaries, fishing is done on a catch-and-release basis. All levels of experience are catered for and specialist fishing techniques such as salt water fly fishing are also offered.

Excellent ocean-inspired local cuisine

Abundant fresh fish and seafood are prepared with contemporary style and flair, and the delectable cuisine shows a unique blend of Portuguese and African influence. Mozambican prawns and crayfish are particularly renowned. During spawning season the availability of fresh fish may be limited as a result of netting laws that aim to protect this valuable natural resource

Bazaruto Archipelago marine national park

One of the largest marine protected areas in the Indian Ocean, this marine sanctuary protects the entire Bazaruto Archipelago. Small antelope and samango monkeys roam the islands, while crocodiles live in the freshwater lakes. Birdlife is abundant with over 240 species of birds including flamingo, the rare crab plover and the green coucal. Apart from the islands, the marine park also covers a large expanse of ocean and is a sanctuary for the rare and endangered dugong (the population of approximately 150 dugongs found here is one of the only viable dugong populations left along the East African coast), various species of marine turtles and dolphins, humpback whales, sharks and rays. 

Ilha de Benguerra

Opposite the coastal town of Vilanculos, in the warm waters of the Mozambican channel lies a chain of magnificent islands, the Bazaruto Archipelago. Of these, the second largest is the exquisite Benguerra Island. Tourism development on Benguerra is managed so as to have a minimal impact on the natural beauty of the surroundings. Limited accommodation on the island caters for the more discerning traveler. Activities on Benguerra Island include swimming, sun bathing, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, traditional dhow sailing, guided island drives, cultural visits, beach picnics, horse riding and speedboat visits to other islands such as Paradise Island or tiny Pansy Island where the famous pansy shells can be seen.

Quirimbas Archipelago

A scattering of beautiful little coral islands in remote northern Mozambique, some of which are included in the Quirimbas national park. Massive coral walls create a spectacular underwater wonderland for the snorkeling and diving enthusiast. Dugongs, turtles, sharks and humpback whales are among the larger marine animals that occur. Fishing enthusiasts will not be disappointed either. Limited exclusive luxury lodges provide a haven of rest and relaxation on pristine shores surrounded by turquoise blue seas. Apart from their natural beauty, the Quirimbas also have great cultural and historical value, as manifested in the unique mix of Arab, Portuguese and African influences.

Ideal bush and beach African luxury safari combination

A luxury beach resort on Benguerra Island in the Bazaruto Archipelago is the ideal add-on to a luxury Southern African safari. Combining a luxury safari in East Africa with a luxury beach lodge in the Quirimbas Archipelago in northern Mozambique works just as well. Start or end your luxury African safari with leisurely or activity-filled days on a beautiful exclusive tropical island in Mozambique.

Our preferred luxury beach accommodation in Mozambique on a tropical island

On request your personal safari itinerary could include alternative Mozambique luxury beach resorts and lodges.


  • Elegant luxury Mozambique boutique beach resort on Benguerra Island. African tropical chic. Exclusive - only twelve units and one multi-bedroom family unit. Each with private deck, plunge pool, day bed, beach sun loungers.
  • Situated on sandy beach next to deep lagoon mostly unaffected by the tides, in Bazaruto Archipelago Marine National Park. Ideal for swimming and snorkeling.
  • Beach leisure, swimming, kayak trip, snorkel trip, dhow cruise, beach picnic, island drive, village tour. Optional, extra cost: scuba diving, fishing, horse riding, massages.


  • Benguerra Island exclusive luxury beach resort in Mozambique. Eighteen beachfront air-conditioned villas, including multi-bedroom villas. Each with private deck, pool, daybed, beach sala. Footsteps from the beach yet secluded. Private local Mozambican butler-host.
  • Located on pristine stretch of beach in Bazaruto Archipelago Marine National Park. 
  • Beach relaxation, kayaks, paddle boards, dhow cruise, island drive. Optional, extra cost: speed boat island hopping, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, picnics, spa.


  • Exclusive luxury beach lodge on a private island. Nine handcrafted seafront villas, hewn from local materials. Luxury villas have outdoor shower and beach sala.
  • Situated in Quirimbas archipelago in remote northern Mozambique. Rich marine life. House reef snorkeling and scuba diving can be accessed straight off the beach.
  • Anytime unguided snorkeling, kayaks, paddle boards, guided walking trail. Optional, extra cost: scuba diving, deep sea fishing, motorized snorkeling trips, Ibo Island tour, dhow sailing, Turtle Beach picnic, spa.

When we plan private packages for luxury safari trips in Southern Africa, we use the above hand-picked top end exclusive luxury beach resorts and lodges in Mozambique. On request, your personal safari itinerary could include other luxurious destinations. If you have a luxury family safari or luxury honeymoon safari in Mozambique in mind, be sure to mention this as it will influence our choice of accommodation. 

Best time of year for a luxury marine beach safari on a tropical island in Mozambique

Mozambique is a year-round destination. May to October are popular months on the beach in Mozambique as the weather is mostly dry. Hot and humid weather can generally be expected from December to March, with February being the peak of the rainy season. But rain usually comes in the form of tropical rain bursts in the late afternoon or overnight. November and April are unpredictable months during the transition between dry to wet seasons. Average daytime temperatures usually range year-round between 26 to 32°C (79 to 90°F) while temperatures at night can drop to around 15°C (59°F) in winter (June - Aug). Northern Mozambique tends to be slightly warmer than southern Mozambique. Sea temperatures generally range from 21°C in winter to 30°C in summer.

Contact us for a tailor-made African luxury safari itinerary that includes a tropical island marine beach safari in Mozambique

We create a private luxury African safari package, tailor-made to suit your own specific profile and requirements.The availability and schedules of local flights and helicopter island hops in Mozambique need to be taken into account when creating a comfortable journey. For a bush and beach combination on your luxury African safari we recommend to combine your Mozambique luxury marine beach safari in the Bazaruto Archipelago with luxury camps and lodges in other Southern Africa countries. A luxury beach marine safari in the Quirimbas Archipelago combines well with luxury camps and lodges in East Africa. 

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