Private Flights 

Take your private luxury African safari to another level by including private flights.  

Avoid wasted nights in airport hotels, the wait for scheduled flights, the annoyance of congested airports and baggage collection...

We will create a personalized luxury journey that is time efficient, comfortable and discreet. We use only reputable charter companies.

As a minimum, we recommend to include private air hops. These are the relatively short flights between the bush airstrips (only accessible by certain types of light aircraft) and the closest local airport.

Most bush lodges / camps are serviced daily by scheduled shared air hops. However, the schedule of such a shared air hop may not provide a seamless connection off your domestic / regional flight; the journey often includes stops on the way at various other bush airstrips and is therefore not time efficient; the luggage allowance can be quite restrictive; and shared air hops are mostly 1 pilot operations.

Our private air hops are typically done in a Cessna C208B Caravan.

Single engine turbine aircraft.
Second pilot on board for additional safety.
Non-pressurized cabin.
(Twin engine or pressurized aircraft are not stationed at the small local airports.)

Reasonable amount of luggage in soft bags (actual amount will depend on group size).

If your budget allows for it, we also recommend to include private light aircraft flights. A flight itinerary that is executed entirely in a private light aircraft has the advantage of taking you direct all the way into the bush airstrip, with no aircraft change over needed, and at a time that is convenient to your schedule. If your journey crosses international borders, you will have to make a stop(s) for customs and immigrations, but will usually not have to change planes.

Our private light aircraft flights are typically done in a Beechcraft King AIr 200.

Twin engine turbine aircraft.
Operated by two pilots.
Pressurized cabin with emergency toilet.

Reasonable amount of luggage in soft bags (actual amount will depend on group size).

Note that for your comfort we do not recommend using light aircraft on long flight sectors.



For the ultimate upgrade, you could include private jet aircraft flights on certain flight sectors in Africa. We will recommend to include this option when a same-day flight connection to your next destination is not available on commercial airlines - in other words to avoid spending a night in an airport hotel.

But you may also want to consider this option if you need total privacy while travelling, or simply because your personal comfort is more important than the price tag.

Our private jet aircraft flights are done in a range of aircraft, from light jets, to luxurious wide body jets with cabin attendant. Aircraft availability will be advised at the time of quotation.

Note that although a jet aircraft offers the advantages of superior comfort and shorter flight duration, it cannot land at a bush airstrip. It will only take you as far as the closest local airport, from where we will arrange a private air hop to the bush airstrip.

Our private flight prices include passenger, baggage and crew handling, airport ground transportation, customs and immigration assistance, clearances and permits, overnight arrangements for crew where applicable, airport taxes and in-flight catering, as specified at the time of quotation. 

Contact us to start planning your high end private luxury safari, including private flights, in Southern Africa and East Africa.